All Dressed Up…

by MSO
clothes hanging in a closet

Make it easy for your loved ones and choose what you want to buried in yourself.

Even in ancient times it was customary to dress a dead person in their best clothes. Up until recently, men were buried in suits and woman in dresses but this has been changing in recent years. If a man rarely wore a suit in life and always dressed in a casual manner, his family is choosing to dress him in clothes that are familiar to them. As well, somber colors were once also the norm. Today people aren’t hesitating to choose vibrant colors.

In most cases, family members bring the clothing that the deceased will wear to the funeral home. If you want the deceased to wear underwear, socks, shoes and even pantyhose, most funeral homes will gladly comply.

In dressing the body, it is sometimes necessary for the funeral home to cut clothing down the back, especially if the deceased is a large person. Sometimes bodies may be wrapped in a plastic film to prevent bodily fluids from leaking. The deceased’s garments are put on over the plastic.

Some funeral homes even provide gowns for the deceased, this can be helpful if the funeral is to be a closed casket affair.

Your local funeral home would pleased to give you advice on the clothing to select.

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