Basic Tombstones are Out, Digital is In

by MSO

View digital pictures, video and more on today's tombstones.

With the growth of technology, changes are being made to nearly every industry, including the funeral service. It wasn’t long ago when cremation was just a trendy fad thought to be a temporary interest, today, more than 650,000 people are cremated each year, and experts believe the number will continue to rise.

While basic headstones convey two very basic facts about the person – their name plus the date of their birth and death – the information doesn’t really explain who the person was and the kind of impact they had on those closest to them. Beneath every headstone is a story of a life, full of adventure and lessons. For the curious – the ones who tour cemeteries admiring the headstones, gazing upon dates of life and death, it’s hard to not wonder, what kind of life that person lived.

So imagine if you had the ability to upload family portraits or wedding photos; what if you could read old stories, anecdotes or excerpts from a eulogy and learn the biographical life story of that person – family member, friend, acquaintance – and learn something about their life?

Streamlining with the evolution of technology, one company offers just that option with RosettaStone, a small stone artifact (disk or tablet) that leverages advanced mobile device technologies for the purpose of preserving historical and genealogical information. This device, is attached to the headstone of the loved one and archives photos and documentations of all sorts, which can be viewed on a handheld mobile device when in proximity of the headstone.

Designed and manufactured by Objects, the RosettaStone is a technologically enhanced memorial product and data archive which offers future generations opportunity to learn from the histories of our predecessors for years to come.

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