Biodegradable Urns

by MSO

The tree seedling, as it grows, will serve as a way to keep the deceased's memory alive.

It’s safe to say that almost everyone is environmentally aware, to some extent. You can now have a green funeral, but a unique way of ensuring your ashes stay “green” has recently been developed. Martin Azua, a Spanish designer, has developed a biodegradable urn that will turn your ashes into a tree.

The urn itself is made from coconut shells, compacted peat and cellulose. Inside you’ll find a seed and your ashes alongside the peat. It’s up to you to decide what plant or tree you’d like to grow and the location for it.

This new green urn may be the start of a new trend in eco-friendly body disposal products. A similar biodegradable urn by the creator of the EcoPod has sprung up, called the “Acorn Urn”, which is made of recycled paper. Urns that dissolve in water are available from urn manufacturers like SeaCase.

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