Canadian Military Funerals

by MSO

At a Canadian military funeral, the bugle tune 'Last Post' is played as the body is interred.

The military’s rigid structure is well known in North America. However, when it comes to funerals for their fallen, several concessions can be made to preserve their memory and to show respect for the dead. The military won’t force any of its customs on a funeral, the family has the choice of leaving the army out of the process entirely. Usually the family of the fallen opt for at least some military involvement because the closeness soldiers development with what is referred to as a military family. When the armed forces are involved a military chaplain is provided to either preside over the ceremonies or to advise whoever the family chooses to officiate the funeral. The military chaplain is there to ensure that honors are correctly given to the deceased, such as draping of a flag over the casket, the folding of the flag and the presentation of medals on a cushion to be put on the casket. Contrary to popular culture, a 21-gun salute is an American tradition and guns are not usually fired at Canadian military services.

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