Caskets for the Big and Tall

by MSO

The largest coffin ever made in Britain was 7'11" long and 4'6" wide with a depth of 30 inches.

In a society with such a variety in people, it is only fair that there be a large variety in caskets to send them off in. While smaller caskets have always been available due to tragic child or infant deaths, over-sized caskets are a more recent trend for dignified burial of people who may be a little taller or wider than the average person who models the average casket size.

Goliath Casket, the first dedicated casket manufacturer devoted entirely to large caskets, offers the largest size of casket available. At 52 inches wide, it is the size of a compact car but as the owner, Keith Davis, has said the trend is pointing towards such caskets becoming the norm due primarily to American rise in obesity. At a 10-20% increase in demand per year, there’s nowhere to go for Goliath but up. Due to demand, many other manufacturers (listed below) also offer oversized casket lines to suit people of not only abnormal width, but also height.

The trend is also reaching other countries, though not quite as quick as America. In the UK, a 660 pound (300 kg) man was buried, but his family faced significant difficulties in finding him a casket, mostly because he was too large for a standard crematorium. A significant problem that also commonly arises is the fact that hearses and burial plots are also built to accommodate the standard casket.

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