Chinese Funerals – Gadget Burning (Seriously)

by MSO

There's almost one billion cell phones in use in China today so the makers of the paper replicas stand to make a lot of money from this new trend.

Chinese tradition in burials requires that bodies must be buried or cremated with goods, everything from thousands of statues of guards (like was done thousands of years ago for emperors, to fake money today. The latest rage has become digital, burning fake laptops and other digital devices to be used in the afterlife. These fake computers can be bought for $15 at shops in American Chinatowns.

One Chinese traditional belief is that there is no such thing as Heaven, just Hell. Based on this, some funeral shops sell tickets on Hell airlines, Hell passports, credit cards from the eastern bank of Hades, and cardboard motorcycles, refrigerators and cars that are burned during funerals or on holidays when tributes are made to deceased ancestors.

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