Cleaning up the Scene of the Crime

by MSO

A crime scene cleaner needs at least three qualities a strong stomach, the ability to become emotionally detached from work and a sympathetic nature.

When there’s a messy crime scene or an accident it is generally the property owner’s responsibility to clean up the mess left.

Many companies now offer crime scene clean up services to spare families from having to undertake the job themselves. Property owners have to foot the bill themselves and cleaning prices could range up to $600 per hour. The services offered include cleaning up biologically and chemically contaminated sites such as areas where a murder took place or a where a drug lab was busted. Cleaners where bio hazard suit, if warranted, and will restore the scene to its pre-incident state.

Cleaners have been educated in what to look for. What may look to you, like a small drop of blood on your carpet can actually translate into a 2-foot-diameter bloodstain on the floorboards under the carpet. The cleaning companies also have all the necessary paperwork needed to dispose of the waste.

Today there are even courses people can take to get certified in decontamination cleaning.

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