Death by Cactus

by MSO

A fully hydrated saguaro can weigh between 3200-4800 pounds.

The saguaro is a type of cactus that starts out minuscule but can grow to sizes above 60 feet (18 metres). Cactus-plugger is a term for people who go into the desert to illegally shoot at or explode cacti for fun, especially saguaro. The tragic meeting of these two forces was realized when a man shot a cactus and was then crushed by one of its falling arms.

David Grundman, while in his mid-20s in 1982, was enjoying shooting some cacti with his shotgun when he stumbled upon a 25-foot tall specimen and thought it was ripe for shooting. A few shots later, a heavy four-foot arm of the cactus fell with enough force to kill Grundman. This was later immortalized in two true urban legends books by Jan Harold Brunvan as well as a song, “Saguaro”, by the Austin Lounge Lizards.

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