Death by Polar Bear

by MSO

Polar bears prefer to stay away from humans. When a polar bear ambled into the Royal Canadian Legion hall in Churchill, Manitoba, the club steward shouted, "You're not a member! Get out!" The bear did.

They’re cuddly, adorable, the mascot of the Coca-cola corporation, and they’re deadly. Polar bears are not responsible for many human deaths, but they will kill intruders, when provoked, or even when their food supply is low. Conrado Mones was killed by a polar bear on September 27, 1982 after climbing in with the animal at the zoo. Mones had been escorted from the zoo several times in the two previous days for attempting to climb into other animal cages. The 1200 pound bear killed the 29-year-old and toyed with the body by flipping it in and out of the water.

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