Do You Prefer an Open or Closed Casket?

by MSO

Viewing the body is also an issue that should be approached with caution when children are present. Some will be frightened by the sight while others will feel comfortable with the process. Depending on their age, it's best to talk to children before attending a visitation.

The question of an open or closed casket for a funeral essentially boils down to a family’s preference. Open caskets arguably offer more closure and give one last chance to say goodbye at face value. However, some people feel that open caskets can be traumatizing – the embalming process, although designed to delay the decomposition of the body long enough to make it look good for the funeral, leaves the body looking a little different to what people are used.

Closed caskets are an obvious choice if the body isn’t presentable, for example, if the person died in a bad accident, you would have the coffin closed. Having a nice picture of the person resting on top of the coffin is customary as well.

It’s important to make sure there’s no religious conflicts with your choice – some religions may forbid embalming, visitations or a funeral service.

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