Eternal Rest With the Fishes

by MSO

From the depths – life!

For people who thought that making something of oneself is not quite literal enough of a pursuit, there are certain companies that will help you find new and creative ways to give yourself back to the world in an environmentally helpful matter.

One of these companies is Eternal Reefs, which will incorporate the entire cremated remains of a person into an environmentally safe cement mixture from which they make a piece of an artificial coral reef. It is placed at a location that is chosen by the deceased prior to death or by someone close afterwards. Additional adornments and certificates can be be purchased for further fees. The reefs are purported to last up to 500 years.

Eternal Reefs provides its services through local funeral homes primarily in mainland United States but also in Canada and parts of Mexico. They also provide military honors for eligible service men and women as well as veterans.

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