Flowers for Sympathy

by MSO
Flowers surrounding a closed casket

Traditional funeral flower arrangements called for flowers in the colors of red and white (and occasionally blue) only. Today all colors of flowers are chosen.

Many enjoy flowers for their aesthetic qualities, but few know the imbued meaning that comes with a certain flower. This deep meaning can play a significant factor when picking out flower arrangements for memorials. Different flower types are important, but most people debate the color of flowers. The different colorful meanings of flowers are below.

Red – An energetic color that signifies strength, passion, love, desire, as well as courage, intensity and beauty

Orange – Another energetic colour, representing youthfulness and energy. A bouquet can symbolize strength, confidence and lifelong satisfaction.

Yellow – Feelings of happiness and joy are represented with this color. This is also a sign of friendship and new beginnings.

Green – An obvious indicator of health and life. An optimistic color that evokes feelings of peace and serenity.

Blue – Blue flowers are calming, open and may be an indicator to begin the healing process.

Purple – A regal color, loosely tied to royalty. Representing the pride and success, admiration and lifelong achievements of a person.

Lavender – Lifelong grace, elegance and eloquence. A delicate flower, representing a feminine beauty.

Pink – Another symbol of grace and happiness. A combination of youthfulness and joy.

White – Innocence, youthfulness and wisdom come with this color. A representation of modesty.

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