Funeral Director Training and Licensing

by MSO

Early funeral directors were often builders or furniture makers. They would be called to build a coffin and many of the other details would often fall on their shoulders too.

Becoming a funeral director requires a college diploma (the program itself lasts anywhere between one to two years) and a placement before becoming eligible to apply for a license as a funeral director.

Funeral director jobs are not hard to find – people will always die, which means they will always have work to do. Classes are targeted towards funerals and death but deal with a wide variety of subjects, from English to Biology and from Psychology to Business.

Obtaining a license requires you to apprentice for a year, where you have to help with at least 50 funerals. Members of the board will check on you every three months. At the end of the year you are required to write an exam and get a score of over 75%. After passing the exam you are granted the form to apply for your funeral director license.

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