Funeral Etiquette

by MSO

A funeral or visitation may be considered as an important time for silent reflection and prayer.

The last thing someone wants to do is unintentionally upset or offend the family of someone who has recently died. Funeral etiquette is incredibly important when a loss occurs. Politeness and respect are feelings that we train ourselves to convey throughout the death process. Avoiding impulses is generally a good thing to do, people who are deeply affected by a loss can be so emotionally unstable that any possible regretful actions can be blown out of proportion.

Attendance, both attending and not attending, is an important thing to decide. You need to consider the feelings of the friends and family of the deceased, as well as your own feelings.

Silent reflection and prayer is generally encouraged at visitations and funerals, – it is vital that you express your condolences. This can be done with a card, a small gift of food or drink, or even a small donation to the charity of the deceased’s choice. Wearing proper clothing is vital as well – normally you wouldn’t go to a funeral in your bathing suit.

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