Kiss Kaskets

by MSO

I was made for burying you baby.

Kiss is well known for their large variety of merchandise; you can get their faces and band logo plastered on bobblehead dolls, bowling balls, bottle openers, necklaces – and much, much more. In 2001, the blood-spitting rock mogul of Kiss, Gene Simmons, added yet another product to the glam rock band’s ever-growing merchandising universe: the “Kiss Kasket”. The coffin features the faces of the four founding members of the band, the Kiss logo and the words “Kiss Forever”.

As Gene Simmons put it when he unveiled the coffin, “If you want to take that final trip with Kiss, you can.” If the idea of death was too morbid, fans could use the casket as a cooler, Simmons added. (A Kiss coffin might not be best used as a cooler, however, most caskets are made of steel or wood for durability.) Over 2,500 caskets were available for $5,000 each on the band’s web site. The legendary Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell was buried in one after he passed away in 2004, which he requested in his will. The original caskets made headlines when they were introduced, but were discontinued in 2008. In February 2011, the second generation of Kiss Kaskets were announced. The two new coffins are made of 20-gauge steel, feature classic Kiss artwork and black interior fabrics. Head panels on both models feature the Kiss logo. The standard model sells for $3,299 and the premium for $3,999.

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