Living after Death

by MSO

Impostor: This is when an ordinary person who for years has passed himself off to family and friends as a retired minor celebrity dies, it can prompt an erroneous obituary for the real (and often times, still-living) celebrity.

While the mistake of a premature obituary or murder by media is often allocated to a lack of source referencing, there are other reasons for this kind of error which include:

Brush with death: Brush with death is the event when a person unexpectedly survives a serious illness or accident which made it appear that they were dead or certain to die.

Name confusion: Name confusion is when a person with an identical or similar name has died, usually the error occurs when the subject of the obituary is famous and the decedent is not.

Pseudocide: Pseudocide is the event when a person fakes their own death in order to evade legal, financial or marital difficulties in order to start a new life. Often the cause of death involves a fake drowning in order to account for the lack of body.

Accidental publication of obituary: Accident publication of obituary is the event when a pre-written obituary is released, announced or published. Generally this has occurred on news web sites, as a result of technical or human errors.

Missing in action: Soldiers who go missing during wartime are sometimes incorrectly declared dead if no body is found.

Misidentified body: When a corpse (often from a road crash) is misidentified as someone else who was involved in the same incident or who happened to go missing at the same time.

Land theft victims: Many people from Uttar Pradesh, India have been registered dead by officials who are bribed by relatives wanting to steal the victim’s land. While the victim can counter the claim by ensuing in legal disputes, these often continue for many years, with victims growing old and sometimes dying before resolution passes.

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