Neanderthal Burial Ground Discovered

by MSO

Neanderthals were believed to be a social people however most never lived past the age of 30 years.

A burial ground discovered in southeast Spain is believed to be a Neanderthal cemetery from 50 000 years ago. The skeletons were found in burial poses, with their arms folded close to their head. At least three bodies were found in the cemetery, with another six or seven sets of remains nearby.

“We cannot say much (about the skeletons) except that we surmise the site was regarded as somehow relevant in regard to the remains of deceased Neanderthals”, Discovery News quoted lead author Michael Walker as saying.

Their tools and food remains, not to mention signs of fires having been lit, which we have excavated indicate they visited the site more than once, he said. Michael Walker is a professor in the Department of Zoology and Physical Anthropology at the University of Murcia. He has been working at the excavation site with several colleagues for some time now.

The bodies were all found covered in rocks, which the researchers believe were dropped from a distance above.

A few dozen other documented Neanderthal burials have been documented across Europe and in Southwest Asia, although this is the first one to be found in the Mediterranean region.

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