Pressing the Deathswitch

by MSO

Some people may feel that users on Deathswitch are asking for their identities to be stolen, but their Privacy Policy ensures the strictest security for your information.

What happens to your computer passwords after you die? What if you have important emails sent to you, such as your bills, or if you have online banking? It’s hard to manage if you don’t have the computer passwords of the deceased, and you do not want any important things to go unnoticed.

Deathswitch is a service that will detect your death and send your passwords to one recipient of your choice. Once you subscribe to this service, you can decide how often you would like to be prompted via email to prove your existence. All they do is send an email asking if you are still alive, and if you do not respond back for a certain amount of emails, Deathswitch will send out one email (that you write in advance) to your family. This may include a video clip or pictures. One thing that Deathswitch urges you do is store your important passwords with the service so they can be stored securely.

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