Private Family Funerals

by MSO

Whether you choose a private outdoor service or a service open to all make sure you convey your wishes to your family.

Often you hear about families deciding to hold a small, private service when a person has died. This small service may only include immediate family members and a handful of friends with no open invitation. The small service is favoured when families want to reduce the amount of stress that goes with planning a large funeral. Small services also cut down on the overall cost of a funeral.

However, small funerals can end up doing damage and may sever ties with the family. People may feel hurt because they weren’t invited, or they might even feel they had no closure with the death and that the family was actively denying the person’s chance to say their last goodbye.

Memorial services or gatherings of people should be held if one does not want to have a large funeral. These can be organized outside of the family in order to put less stress on them.

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