Release of a White Dove

by MSO

Generally a single white dove is released symbolizing the loved one's spirit leaving the Earth but a whole flock can be released, symbolizing family previously departed, after which a single dove is released that meets the waiting flock and they fly away together.

Releasing a white dove at a funeral is symbolic for many reasons. A white dove is a sign of inspiration, freedom and peace – releasing the dove at a funeral can symbolize “letting go” and begins the healing process. A dove can also be considered a representation of the loved one’s spirit, flying away to heaven and freedom.

There are plenty of white dove release businesses across North America. One business, White Dove Release Professionals is an association that brings together dove releasers all across North America. On the website, you’ll find a section called “Did You Find A Bird”. Each dove has a colored band around its foot and a number – the site tells you for whom the dove was released.

They release approximately 25 doves per person, and the doves are trained to return back to the place where they are kept.

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