Scientific White Light

by J-Touchette
white light at end of tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel, science or myth?

An experience that came under great debate in the 1970s is still a hotly discussed issue as people pit science against faith during the discussion of the near death experience.

In particular, the sensation of euphoria, accompanied by a white light sometimes in a tunnel, as well as visions of loved ones and deities. Scientist have performed studies for years on this subject to determine the earthly explanation for this seemingly heavenly event.

But recent information shows that near death experiences are the cause of elevated carbon dioxide levels in blood. Studies have shown that those who have experienced near death experiences have higher carbon dioxide levels than others, and that people who have had near death experiences are more likely to have them again. There is also currently research to determine whether the symptoms of the end of life event are experienced in people who faint. Some of the symptoms, such as the out of body experience, have been replicated repeatedly and reliably in controlled settings as well.

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