Swimming Heats

by MSO

This idea would give new meaning to the swimming term 'dead man's float'.

A municipal council had an ingenious idea to save energy that raised a few eyebrows. They decided to use an existing source of heat from an adjacent building to warm up the pool in a new athletic complex. The catch: The adjacent building in question is a crematorium.

The council is looking to move forward the unprecedented proposal but it has a few concerned detractors. A local funeral director suggested that people may be uncomfortable swimming in a pool heated up by recently deceased loved ones, but repurposing the heat would save an estimated $23,000 a year.

Council leader Carole Gandy was especially defensive of the decision , stating “I’d much rather use the energy rather than just see it going out of the chimney and heating the sky … [it will] save energy which is what we’re all being told we should do.”

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