The Celebration of Life

by MSO

Remember to always celebrate life.

Everything in life changes, so why shouldn’t the way we think about death?

A Celebration of Life in a modern day funeral makes the grieving process more positive and enjoyable. This is a new way to say goodbye that encourages people to laugh and share fond memories of the people they love.

It’s always nice to hear someone’s kind words and affection towards a loved one who passed. At the funeral pass out note cards to everyone and have them write an “I remember the time when… ” or “One of the things I loved most about… ” on the cards. The family can then collect the notes and save them as a special keepsake.

A memory table is a great way to focus on a loved one’s life. Photos, a favorite piece of clothing, memorabilia from sports or hobbies, artwork, trophies or anything else that they loved is a good way to display their accomplishments and who they were.

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