The Funeral of Julius Caesar

by P-Francone

Caesar's ashes were buried beneath the altar in The Temple of Caesar, located within the Roman Forum.

For anyone who has ever visited Rome, you have the perfect opportunity to view Julius Caesar’s grave, located in “The Temple of Caesar” at The Forum. An altar is all that remains of this ancient gravesite, which was built in the year of his death, 44 BC.

Julius Caesar was one of the most important leaders of Rome, playing a critical role in the transformation of Rome from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, as well as spreading the territory of the Empire immensely through Europe and other Mediterranean nations. He was very popular with the middle and lower class citizens of the Empire, however he engaged in constant battle with members of the aristocracy.

On 15 March 44 BC Caesar was assassinated by a group of approximately 60 aristocrats, which resulted in a total of 23 stab wounds. Julius Caesar had listed in his will that his grandnephew Octavian would be his sole heir, angering his confidant and second in command Mark Anthony. The two would end up battling for many years after this, leading to the eventual destruction of the Empire.

At Caesar’s funeral, the crowd was much larger than had been expected, and his funeral pyre was burnt with much larger flames than had been expected too, causing serious damage to The Forum. His cremated remains were placed in a grave in his temple, which still remains to this day.

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