There is Life after Death

by MSO

Use your loved one to light your way in your favorite flashlight after they die.

Duracell commercials might be right when they say something familiar is powering that flashlight. James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau are the minds behind one of the newest ways to dispose of your remains. They’ve developed a coffin that uses your decomposing body’s acids to create an electrical charge, and make a battery out of it.

They’re calling it the only scientifically proven life after death. The uses for this invention are varied and interesting. One of the more common suggestions is using the battery to power a sexual device, which is also capable of holding the ashes. Specifically one could have this device shaped from a molded body part so your lover won’t go without after you’re gone.

Although, other unique ideas have sprouted up. Auger’s wife claims he should run a electric toothbrush, since he says her breath smells in the morning. While one man, who regrets not having done certain things in life, has put in his will the condition that the executor must use his battery to accomplish a list of goals after his death.

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