This Murder Not Exactly Over Easy

by MSO

Fits of rage are often the cause of murders.

A raging husband killed his wife and four other people because his eggs weren’t cooked to his liking. 47-year-old Stanley Neace killed five people in two mobile homes.

Neighbors in the Breathhitt County mobile home community saw Neace storm across several lawns in his pajamas and start firing rounds from a 12 gauge, pump action shotgun. Neace initially shot his wife, after being displeased with how she cooked his eggs.

The wife fled to a neighbor’s trailer because she was scared and Neace followed and shot her and four other people. The other victims were identified as Mrs Neace’s 28-year-old daughter Sandra R. Strong and neighbors Dennis Turner, 31, Teresa Fugate, 30, and Tammy Kilborn, 40. Authorities received calls from concerned neighbours around 11:30. When police arrived about an hour later, they heard a single gunshot, then found Neace’s body on his porch.

They found victims in two other trailers. Other neighbors fled the trailer park in fear for their lives during the shootings.

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