Things and Places Inspired by Coffins

by MSO

How about pouring yourself a drink from your very own coffin-shaped flask? You can even use it to put your ashes in after you pass away.

There are many strange places and products that are inspired by coffins, whether it is their typical hexagonal shape or the whole intricate design of a coffin, some people have used coffins in their everyday life in unique design schemes. Coffin couches and Coffin cabinets are two great examples of ways people can have some stylish death-influenced interior decorating. Some other unique coffin ideas are below.

* Mouse traps in the shape of coffins. Once the mouse is trapped, the lid can be closed and can make for an easy burial.

* A coffin pool table, with luxurious gold or mother-of-pearl inlaid sights.

* Coffin-inspired places are also cropping up around the world.

* A coffin-themed room in a hotel in Berlin, where you can sleep in a coffin overnight.

* A coffin restaurant in Ukraine. The first ever death-themed restaurant is in the shape of a coffin, also trying to claim the top spot for the largest coffin at 65 feet.

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