This Ant Can Kill

by MSO

Fire ants have become more widespread in the U.S. as many have been brought in by unsuspecting people who have travelled to South America.

Fire alarms may now have two meanings, thanks to fire ants. The ants, which look similar to regular ants are far more aggressive and are the only ants capable of stinging. With this ant comes a disturbing statistic, one that Janet Wallace Roedl Shiansky found out about the hard way. The 68-year-old South Carolina woman became part of the five per cent fire ant kill rate. She suffered a severe allergic reaction, went into anaphylactic shock and died . These fire ant stings appear as red marks and turn into white pustules that usually disappear in a few days, and they can be treated with ammonia or bleach mixed with water unless you happen to be allergic to their sting.

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