Tragic Movie Set Deaths

by MSO

A bronze statue of Bruce Lee on Hong Kong's 'Avenue of Stars'. Lee died on the set of a film in Hong Kong, when he collapsed in the washroom from a cerebral edema.

There have been some major accidents on movie sets. Some of them make impressive stories, but overall the deaths are very tragic and usually the movie becomes dedicated to them. Some instances of movie set deaths are below.

Top Gun: Aerobatic pilot Art Scholl was in the middle of a spin when he crashed his plane into the Pacific Ocean. No one knows what the cause was.

xXx: Harry L. O’Connor was Vin Diesel’s stunt double. After an attempt to slide down a line and land on top of a submarine, he hit a bridge at high speed and was killed instantly. The director decided to include the footage of him sliding down the line, except with the final moments edited out of respect.

The Crow: Actor Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, was killed after a bullet, lodged in a prop gun that was supposedly loaded with a blank cartridge, punctured Lee’s abdomen.

Jumper: Set artist David Ritchie was crushed by a piece of frozen sand and gravel that fell from the roof of an outdoor set that they were taking down.

The Twilight Zone movie: The segment whose filming caused the deaths was a scene in which the lead character, a recently redeemed bigot played by Vic Morrow, was to carry two child actors playing Vietnamese orphans across a river to save them from their exploding village. The children, Renee Chen and My-Ca Lee, were being paid under the table due to child labour laws. They were working after curfew around dangerous explosives and this worried one of the assistant directors, as well as a fire safety officer who additionally worried that the blasts could damage the helicopter rotors. However, the concerns never made it to the director due to the chain of command and the helicopter fell and killed all three actors. The incident and the legal battle are outlined in the second link below.

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