What Happens to your Facebook Account after Death?

by MSO
Looking at a facebook page through a key hole

Give a trusted friend your Facebook password so they can manage your profile according to your wishes if something should happen to you.

Have you had a friend on your Facebook who has died?

Have you thought about what happens to a person’s Facebook profile when they die?

Originally nothing would happen to that profile if a person died. Your friend’s profile would just stay there on your friends’ list out there in the cyber world.

In October 2009 Facebook announced a policy of “memorializing” profiles of people who have died. Now that Facebook offers to memorialize the person it is up to the family member or friend to contact Facebook to let them know that this person has died.

You will have to fill out a form, and provide a link to an obituary or other information confirming the user’s death before the profile is officially memorialized. Once this is done the person will no longer show up on your Facebook news feed. If you prefer not to have the profile stand as an online memorial, Facebook says it will remove the account altogether.

Another way to get rid of a profile on Facebook after you’ve died is to give someone you trust your Facebook password so they can go into your profile and delete it.

Here is the link that will take you to the form you fill out for a deceased profile


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