A Bride’s Last Wish

by K-Dean

A surprising number of couples go through with marriage on one's death bed.

A bride died from cancer just 90 minutes after her wedding as her loved ones desperately raced to make her dying wish come true. Elaine Stephenson, 48, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2002. She underwent treatment but the disease returned in 2004 and again the year before she died. Stephenson married her partner of 11 years Chris Johnson, in a bedside ceremony. Stephenson’s family and friends managed to get flowers and a bouquet on short notice then gathered for the ceremony while her health was rapidly deteriorating. Johnson had left to buy a ring for his wife-to-be but received an urgent phone call asking him to return. He was able to get a ring from home and make it in time to be married. Stephenson died an hour and a half after the marriage, with her husband and son by her side.

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