Baby Born After Mom’s Death

by K-Dean

The mortality rate for cerebral hemorrhages is 40%.

For one husband, the birth of his first child was the best and worst day of his life. Mahmoud Soliman, husband to former British champion ice skater Jayne Soliman, couldn’t have been happier to be planning for their first child.

Jayne was just 41 years old when she had a sudden brain hemorrhage, but miraculously, doctors at Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital managed to keep her heart beating long enough to deliver her baby by caesarean section. Jayne was a mere 25 weeks pregnant when she unexpectedly collapsed in her bedroom after complaining of a headache. Jayne’s hemorrhage was caused by an aggressive tumor which had struck a major blood vessel. Like most hemorrhages and cerebral injuries, it is impossible to predict when they will become fatal, so needless to say they were unaware that something this tragic would happen. In order to keep the baby alive, doctors used steroids to help develop the baby’s lungs. Within 48 hours Aya Jayne was born weighing two pounds.

After she was born, a nurse laid the baby girl on her mother’s shoulder so they could have the special moment Jayne had always wanted to experience. Mahmoud sat with his wife for his last time until he was allowed to see his daughter who was taken straight to intensive care.

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