Coffin-fuelled Ovens

by M-Gillies

Apparently, Italy's pizza is to die for.

Whether you’re eating at home or in a restaurant, it is well known that Italians take their food seriously. From their rich flavorful cuisines stocked full of herbs like, oregano, basil, thyme, parsley, rosemary and sage to their many uses of cheese and the final touches of using the wood of coffins to heat their ovens to add that finishing touch of authentic Italian taste – wait – coffins?

In recent news, investigators in Naples, Italy, suspect that thousands of small, lower-end pizza shops and bakeries may be using the wood from stolen caskets to keep their ovens burning. With pizza being the southern city’s favorite dish; celebrated for being smoked on wood-fired stoves to give it its particular flavor, police are suspecting many restaurant owners across the lawless port of purchasing cut-price wood from coffin thieves operating within the city.

But it isn’t just the pizzas that police think are being cooked with coffin-wood – the daily paper of Naples, Il Giornale said, “The bread too, may have been cooked with coffin wood.”

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