Coronado Bridge

by K-Dean

Coronado Bridge is the third deadliest suicide bridge in the U.S.

The San Diego-Coronado Bridge crosses over San Diego Bay in the United States, linking San Diego, California with Coronado, California. It is known as the third deadliest suicide bridge in the U.S. The bridge, built in 1969, is 2.1miles long and 200 feet high. Since 1972, there have been approximately 233 suicides committed on the bridge – a body falling from the 200 foot drop can reach speeds of 70 miles per hour. If the impact from hitting the water doesn’t kill you, drowning most likely will. The bridge was built without sidewalks, which would seem like a method of deterrence for suicidal folks, but they managed to get on the bridge by walking on the five-foot wide emergency lanes. The first fatal fall from the bridge was in 1972, when a husband forced his wife to jump over the edge. A year later the first person to actually commit suicide was a 22-year-old sailor. In 1974, 14 more people, mostly men jumped to their deaths off the bridge. There has only ever been one year in the history of the bridge when no one committed suicide – the year 1984.

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