Crocodile Buffet

by K-Dean

Mann was the 11th croc-related death since 1982.

A killer crocodile left two teens stranded in a tree for 22 hours after it devoured their friend. Three friends, Shaun Blowers, 19, Ashley McGough, 19, and Brett Mann, 22, had been quading in Australia, when they stopped at a river to wash off the caked on mud that covered them. Mann was standing on a sandy bank when he lost his footing and was swept away downstream. His friends had jumped into the water to try and rescue their friend, when they noticed a 13 foot crocodile swimming in their direction. The young men in a panic swam to a nearby tree and climbed to the top to escape the crocodile. When they reached the top of the tree they scanned the area in search of their friend, but couldn’t see him anywhere. They hadn’t heard splashing or screaming to indicate he had been attacked. The crocodile emerged from the water a few minutes later with Mann’s body dangling from its mouth. The terrified teens spent 22 hours in the tree while the crocodile repeatedly circled the tree all night. The teens were rescued by police officers in a helicopter after one of their girlfriends contacted police when the teens didn’t come home. They were flown to Darwin and treated for shock and exposure. Mann was the 11th person who was killed by a crocodile in Australia since 1982.

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