Dead Sexy

by T-Knox

Don't fear, undertakers like this one aren't featured in the calendar.

Some women look forward to another firefighter calendar every year, but let’s be honest,you have not seen “drop dead gorgeous” men until you have seen the Men of Mortuaries calendar.

A man for every month of the year, funeral directors and morticians alike take it six feet under like never before for a good cause. Men in the funeral industry interested in gracing the calendar are required to send in a three photos of themselves; suit and tie, swim suit, and a head shot. Also stipulating how they became interested in the industry.

There is more to “MOM” Men of Mortuaries” as proceeds from the calendars sales go to the KAMM Cares Foundation. KAMM supports people going through treatment for breast cancer. This support covers necessities such as groceries, child care, and other living expenses.

Although the men featured in the calendar spend their days among the dead, their calendar has been praised by celebrities and the media. Whoopi Goldberg claimed it as a “must have.” The calendar even made Newsweek’s “top 10 picks.”

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