Dead Tired

by L-Johnson

Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin offers comfy coffins like this one for their guests to sleep in.

Looking for a change of scenery from your usual boring hotel stays? Located in Berlin, Germany is the Propeller Island City Lodge which features themed rooms that have been designed by German interior artist, Lars Stroschen. The thirty rooms are unique and completely captivating. The highlight for people who are into vampires or gothic die-hards is the room that features two large coffin beds! These coffin beds even have lids that can close shut for those who want to avoid the light, but don’t worry, they are well ventilated! Whoever has second thoughts, however, can crawl into the lower area below the beds, which contains a dark labyrinth.

Other rooms at the Propeller Island City Lodge include the padded cell room, for those who are feeling rather crazy, the mirror room, that resembles a carnival fun house, and the prison room, which will feel right at home for an ex-convict.

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