Doctor Suspended for Billing Dead Patients

by J-Touchette

"Yup, no pulse, book her for another appointment in two weeks."

Dr. Van Olm of Alberta, Canada worked primarily in nursing homes caring for the elderly, and looking at his billing records, his patients are probably older than most. Van Olm was found guilty of unprofessional conduct following an investigation that ended on May 3, 2011 because he was billing dead patients. The doctor would get money from Alberta’s public insurance plan, and claimed to have treated 149 to 185 patients per day between 2006 and 2007. Van Olm said the billing of dead people was accidental because it was difficult to remember who he had visited that day. Although, if he had to go six feet under to give treatment, he probably would’ve remembered. His license has been suspended for 18 months.

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