Eddie Fisher’s Final Curtain Call

by P-Francone

In 1995 Eddie Fisher sang with the London Philharmonic Orchestra but the final recordings were never released. Arranger-conductor Vincent Falcone said, "Frankly, these tracks were the best singing of his life."

As Eddie Fisher once said, “(by the time I was 33) I had been married to America’s sweetheart and America’s femme fatale, and both marriages had ended in scandal.”

Fisher was one of the most popular singers in America, but unfortunately had given up much of his career for love. He had fathered two children and adopted two more, but he rarely saw any of them. He was also addicted to drugs methamphetamine and Librium. He justified his lifestyle in his 1999 memoir ‘Been There, Done That’ by saying “There were no rules for me. I could get away with anything so long as that sound came out of my mouth.”

Fisher had one of the biggest voices in the 1950s, and also was one of the most handsome stars in America in that time, helping him become one of the biggest stars of the day. He had many Top 10 and Number 1 hits, such as “Any Time”, “Tell Me Why”, I’m Walking Behind You” and “I Need You Now”. He also had his own 15-minute music TV show, “Coke Time with Eddie Fisher” from 1953 to 1957, followed by the hour long variety show; “The Eddie Fisher Show” from 1957 to 1959. Fisher was also made famous with his many guest TV appearances and nightclub headlines.

In the end however, Fisher admitted to the Miami Herald in 1999, “It isn’t the music that people remember most about me. It’s the women.” Fisher was married to Hollywood’s ‘girl next door’, Debbie Reynolds from 1955 – 1959. This marriage ended when his best friend was killed in a plane crash, and he married his ex-wife, Hollywood’s most beautiful actress of the time Elizabeth Taylor. They were divorced in 1964.

He went on to marry actress and singer Connie Stevens (1967 – 1969), former beauty queen Terry Richard (1975 – 1976) and Chinese businesswoman Betty Lin (1993 – 2001).

Fisher passed away in September, 2010. He was buried next to his final wife Betty Lin. His death was caused by complications from hip surgery.

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