Elite Commando dies during Training Exercises

by J-Mirabelli

A plaque at the base of Mount Arbel where Sergeant Roi Dror died is inscribed with a passage from The Little Prince, "He fell as gently as a tree falls. There was not even the slightest sound, because of the sand."

Military training is hard, and is not for the average person, but no one expects to die from it. That’s exactly what happened to Sergeant Roi Dror, a member of an elite undercover unit of the Israeli army. He died of dehydration during training exercises at Mount Arbel in 2002.

Five officers were charged with negligence after an investigation uncovered serious deficiencies in the exercise and in the performance of commanders. Two officers were not on-site and faced different charges than the other three officers who were at the training exercise. A military tribunal was presented with a plea bargain for the five officers to offer some degree of responsibility.

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