Elizabeth Bathory and Cachtice Castle

by J-Mirabelli

Elizabeth Bathory was sealed inside her bedchamber at the castle by stone masons. They left a small opening where food could be passed to her. She died in her bedroom room in 1614, four years after she was first imprisoned.

Once the site of some of the most gruesome serial murders in history, Hrad Cachtice now stands in ruins.

Sex, torture, murder and politics. All the makings of a great novel, but at Cachtice Castle in the early 1600s this was reality. Countess Elizabeth Bathory would welcome young maidens from the village to work at the castle, but the girls would never return home. Eventually, in 1611 the household of the countess was accused of torturing and killing as many as 600 young women within the walls of the castle. Over time, the story began to include accusations of sexual attacks and turned Elizabeth into an aging beauty obsessed by the idea of eternal youth found in the blood of virgins. How much is fact? How much is fiction?

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