Even Cartoon Villains Can’t Defy Laws of Gravity

by M-Gillies

Big Ben, the site of the death of Professor Ratigan, is 96.3 metres or 315.9 feet high in real life.

Their motives are diabolic, cruel and nasty, and their number one goal is to cause the hero the worst kind of misfortune ever known. Showing no pity – no mercy – no kindness in their bodies whatsoever, they are Disney’s villains – sadists, masochists, treacherous foes who are down-right evil. And when good triumphs over evil, these villains will, more often than not, meet their fates from a fall to their demise.

Since Walt Disney created Steamboat Willie, his cartoons have always featured an antagonist to balance the story. It’s a simple plot device that pushes the hero and gives them an obstacle to overcome, along the way meeting allies and developing their own strengths.

To keep the level of suspense high, the villain will be driven mad with a burning hatred for the hero, escalating to the point of murder – however, as the movie reaches its titular climax, the hero vanquishes the villain in a manner typically from a fall from some distance.

Below is the top 10 Disney villain deaths from falls:

1. The Evil Queen from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs: After poisoning Snow White with a poisoned apple, the Evil Queen is chased by the seven dwarfs where she falls off a cliff while attempting to dislodge a boulder onto her chasers.

2. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty: With the help of three fairies, Prince Philip stabs Maleficent’s dragon morphed body as she lunges at him. Jumping to safety, Prince Philip watches as Maleficent’s body slides off the cliff to meet her end.

3. Cruella de Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians: In a high speed chase, Cruella’s vehicle collides with her minions forcing her to drive into a ravine.

4. Professor Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective: In the epic battle with Basil of Baker Street, Professor Ratigan plunges to his death from the Big Ben Clock in London, England.

5. Percival McLeach from The Rescuers Down Under: After escaping the clutches of a crocodile-filled river, McLeach meets his demise after falling from a waterfall.

6. Gaston from Beauty & The Beast: While sparing his life in their final battle, Gaston attempts to kill the Beast in one final attempt, however, he slips and falls to his death.

7. Scar from The Lion King: While surviving his fall from the cliff after battling Simba, Scar is surrounded by resentful hyenas who – it is led to believe – finish the job off.

8. Archdeacon Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame: After learning Frollo murdered his mother, Quasimodo shows the villain compassion by pulling him up from a near fatal death off the Notre Dame Cathedral. However, in his tyrannical rage, Frollo attempts to kill Esmeralda, but meets his death when the gargoyle he is standing on breaks off.

9. Hades from Hercules: In their final battle, Hercules punches Hades, forcing him to fall into the River Styx where he dragged down by fallen souls.

10. Clayton from Tarzan: In a dangerous battle with Tarzan, Clayton falls from a tree with a vine wrapped around his neck, ultimately hanging himself.

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