Exploding Dog in Crematorium

by M-Rebeiro

Remember it can take two days or more to thaw a frozen turkey out in the fridge. The logistics involved in preventing frozen dogs from exploding are unfathomable.

An overheating chimney in a Darwin, Australia crematorium was blamed on an explosion that occurred in the oven. The cause of the explosion, however, was not something typically explosive like a pacemaker or a weather rocket but was rather a dog that had been improperly defrosted before being placed in the cremation oven.

Three fire engines were called to the scene after a red glow was reported coming from the chimney as well as a fire was spotted coming out of the flue. The small explosion that occurred was due to an explosive release of gas trapped within the still very-frozen dog. This occurrence is apparently common with frozen corpses that are not well-handled, though no other cases can be located.

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