Fethiye Tomb in the Mountain Side

by K-Berens

The tradition of burying the dead in a house-type tomb started in Anatolia during 3 thousand B.C. and continued until the end of the Roman Empire.

The town of Fethiye is located in Southwestern Turkey on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. There is a large mountain at the base of the village, and in that mountain you will find a tomb that can easily be accessed. This impressive rock tomb, otherwise known as the Tomb of Amyntas, was built in 350 B.C. and is now a tourist attraction. The tomb was named after the Greek inscription on the side, reading “Amyntou tou Ermagioiu” meaning “Armyntas son of Hermagios”. What makes the tomb of Amyntas unique from other tombs is its size, most mountain side tombs are the size of a small room, this tomb’s height is equivalent to one of a full-sized temple.

This beautiful tomb overlooks the town below, and has an amazing view of the sunset.

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