Funeral Traditions in Angola On Hold for Civil Unrest

by K-Berens

Angola is twice the size of Texas and today has the fastest growing economy in Africa. This capital city, Luanda, will hopefully benefit from the diamond mines and oil wells that are spurring the economy.

The majority of this South African country is Christian, with about 1000 religious communities within the boundaries of the country. The majority of Christians are Roman Catholics, making up roughly half of the Christian population.

From 1975 to 2002, Angola suffered from one of the worst civil wars in the history of the world. Because of these decades of war, funeral rituals are very hard to conduct. However, most citizens understand the stresses that come with the importance of a proper funeral and try their best to follow through, mourning is believed to play an essential part in maintaining the peace of the deceased’s soul. Some people have discovered unique ways to mourn the dead.

Unfortunately, one of the sad realities of war is that many of the victims of it are left unburied, for fear or because no one is around to bury them. Many people fear that these souls will continue to cause unrest in Angola.

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