Going sky high

by K-Berens

According to dropzone.com, 19 skydiving related fatalities have been reported for the year 2011.

The mayor of a small town in Pennsylvania was always known for his daredevil actions, yet no one was prepared for his accidental death in late March 2011.

C. Scott Shields, the town of Rutledge Borough’s mayor since 2006, died in a freak skydiving accident. His main chute was not deployed, and although a reserve chute was launched it did not save Shields from falling to the ground with injuries that led to his demise.

Shields was a criminal defense attorney best known for his case against Michael Nutter, a former Philadelphia mayor who wanted to change gun control laws.

Skydiving experts speculate that the crash was because Shields fell unconscious during the jump. He didn’t deploy his chute or make any attempt to, and when the automatic chute opened up around 750 feet up it did not open properly which led to the crash.

The residents of Rutledge held a candlelight vigil the Monday after the accident in his honor.

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