Guitar Cases to Coffins and Sexy Women

by J-Mirabelli

Jonny Coffin is also a member of the band The Death Riders

Jonny Coffin is a guitar player, writer, surfer, designer, and inventor. Many years ago, he visualized a concept for an unusual shaped guitar case that would incorporate his style, while still being functional. Using carpentry skills he learned as a teenager, he conceived a guitar case which fit the outline of the guitar, but also fit a deeper, darker image. It looked like a coffin. He received so much attention from his case that he began to get requests to make more. As a result of the interest, Jonny continued to hone his craft by learning from experts in woodworking and silversmithing.

He began to make cases for acquaintances. In 1995 Jonny started designing elaborate instrument cases, jewelry boxes, humidors and luggage for rock stars such as Keith Richards, Slash and Johnny Depp.

Recognizing the potential, he acquired domestic and international design patents for the coffin shaped cases. The success of the Coffin Case has grown into a lifestyle company with product lines reaching into clothing, skateboards, snowboards, purses, and handbags. Coffin Case products are featured in over 600 stores in the U.S. and several countries.

Helping to promote the products are the now famous ‘Coffin Girls’, who are featured throughout his catalog and make occasional runway show appearances.

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