HearseCon, a Different Type of Convention

by P-Francone

HearseCon is an annual festival hosted by The Denver Hearse Association, three days straight of people showing off their hearses, having a good time with “more action than should legally be allowed at a hearse meet”.

There is no registration fee for this event, they simply allow anybody to come, no matter the state of your hearse. They encourage all to “have fun, get rowdy and enjoy what these cars were made for”.

This year’s event will be held 24 – 26 June 2011 in Denver, CO.

The Denver Hearse Association was started in 1996 by Jeff Brown and Zachary Byron Helm, who built up the club ‘the old fashioned way’, contacting other hearse owners based on reported sightings, word of mouth and just good old harassing of current hearse owners. The first meeting started off small, with only four hearses attending. Years later, the association and its convention has been profiled on Discovery Channel, CBC, Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News, and now mysendoff.com.

The association has several rules for participating; “We welcome everyone, we don’t care how extreme or how conservative you are. As long as you don’t force your views on other people, no matter what those views are, you are welcome. Start trying to tell people how professional or how they should be presenting themselves and you can find yourself the door. We don’t need it.

A few things right up front√ñ if you believe hearses are sacred, should be treated almost as you would a bible, if you think that the funeral industry should be regarded with solemnity and reverence, and you think all hearse clubs should be actively accepted by the public and be well perceived by the public, we are NOT the club for you. We don’t care if your car is bone stock or radically modified. Whatever you do with your car is your own damned business and we are not here to push our views on you one way or another, but in the past we have had some people try to join us and take our club in a more ‘positive’ and ‘public friendly’ direction. We don’t want it people. We’re as rude as we want to be, and as long as you don’t have a problem or get easily embarrassed, we welcome you.” They also state that members must drive their cars, and not leave them in the garage most of the year except to show off.

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