Heat Can Kill

by M-Rebeiro

Never leave a child alone in a carÖ period!

Here is an alarming figure: In the United States, at least 500 children have died since 1998 of hyperthermia after being left in hot cars while their parents run errands. With 49 such deaths in 2010, the problem is greater than ever.

The most recent such death in central Florida occurred in 2007 when a 22-month old toddler died after being left in a car in the City Hall parking lot. Children can die in a car when it is a mere 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 C) outside, since the temperature can increase at a rate of more than 19 F (10 C) in 10 minutes, and 43 F (23 C) in one hour.

State law in 19 states, including Florida, prohibits leaving children younger than 6 in a vehicle for more than 15 minutes as long as the motor is running or the child is in any danger.

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