Highway to Biker Heaven

by L-Johnson

Plan your sendoff around who you are in life.

If you’re a biker, you’ve probably spent your whole life demonstrating that you are different. Your love for the wind in your face, the open road, and only two wheels between you and the pavement, says that you ride to the beat of a slightly different drum. Why not go out in a manner consistent with your lifestyle?

After buying a small casket distributing business in the fall of 2000, Robert and Jenny Boots began developing custom caskets made specifically for bikers. The casket handles consist of motorcycle foot pegs turned upside down and an air cleaner cover. They are removable as keepsakes for the pallbearers or other funeral guests.

The highlight, however, is the panel under the lid of the casket, displaying a large decal with a customized image. There are a few image choices available, including a biker riding a highway to heaven, a biker riding into a sunset, and “symbols of freedom” which consists of a biker and a bald eagle in front of the American flag. The biker image can be customized to include a personal photo of the deceased on their own bike. Two casket options are available, the Eagle 1 model, and the Silver Eagle.

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